Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sky is back, but...

My gallant Sky is finally back from servicing! I didn't straddle my iron horse back home. Alas, it was towed back to my place instead.

Yippie! My Sky is still looking as handsome as ever after its "cosmetic surgery" and hopefully it will become tougher after the "battle"!

However, the rider (me!) has not fully recovered from injuries yet. The wound on my left knee has not closed up completely. My right wrist is also hurting too... can't twist throttle... So, I'm still undergoing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment: acupuncture. Therefore, I've got to put riding on hold for at least 1-2 weeks more.

The accident has caused quite a deep impact on me, both physically and psychologically. This being my 1st accident and it occurred on my very 1st trip to Malaysia... It has certainly dampen my spirit quite a bit.

I really do have the burning desire to do touring on my bike. I hope to travel to more places in Malaysia. And one day, I really hope I can hit the borders of Thailand with this bike. I really hope that I'll still be able to accomplish what I set out to achieve.

For now, all I can do is to concentrate on my recovery and take care of this warrior!

My warrior... time to move on!


Your Old Friend said...

Great to hear that your bike is in good shape to eat more miles! Hope to hear from you soon about more exploits of touring.

For your info, there are reports of the humble Kup (125cc) that have traveled between Singapore and Thailand. However, I personally would seriously consider investing some safety modifications and checks prior to traveling so far.

zamani said...

welcome back sky ...

Wats left is for the owner to recuperate fully.
Dun worry, sure got lotsa opportunities to join us again for future touring trips.

s4dreamer said...

It's nice to hear from you guys again!

And yup, I'm still hopeful that I can gain back my confidence in riding and start on touring later on.