Monday, October 20, 2008

No “天来", can always “明天再来”!

After two months of recovery, I just got back to riding again! I wanted to have a hearty meal and give my bike a well-deserved wash at Gelang Petah!

Zhehong, my boyfriend, suggested that we have our lunch at “天来" (tian lai) restaurant at Gelang Petah. But, they are not opened for business today.

So, we decided to “明天再来” (ming tian zai lai)... and I don't mean by going to “天来" (tian lai) restaurant tomorrow again.

I'm referring to the restaurant just next to “天来" (tian lai) restaurant. It's called “明天再来海鲜楼” ("Restoran Come Again").

We decided to try the food and judge whether the restaurant is worth another visit or not. And that is... can "come again" or not???

Your food critics...

We settled on 3 dishes.

1. Spicy Steamed Garoupa. We were a little apprehensive about ordering the fish as it normally comes in big helpings. It's just the two of us. However, the waitress said... "Don't need to worry... two person can finish..."

It's a total fallacy!!! The fish is huge!! Anyway, two hungry people still managed to finish most of the fish!

Umm... the fish was not overdone but I wished that the fish was a little fresher. But, I feel that the saving grace for this dish is the spicy sauce! The spicy sauce has just the right amount of spiciness and it gives the fish the much needed punch!

Rating: ***1/2 out of 5

2. Hotplate Tofu

Wow! Just the look of this dish speaks volume of what I would expect when I put this piping hot savoury in my mouth. The looks of it wasn't deceiving. Having tried the same dish at “天来" (tian lai), “明天再来” certainly gives “天来" some serious competition!

It's a must try!

Rating: **** out of 5

3. Kailan with roasted pork

The mix of roasted pork and kailan could have been better if the roasted pork is a little more crispy. Also... the amount of kailan was too little. Other than that, the kailan was not too overcooked. It had the right amount of crunch!

I give it a ***1/2 out of 5!

So... the question is... is the restaurant worth a “明天再来” (tomorrow come again) status?

“明天再来海鲜楼” is definitely worth a second visit! You should go and check their other dishes! I believe it should give “天来海鲜楼” a run for its money!

So, “明天再来" eat!!!


Your Old Friend said...

Good to hear that you are on the road to recovery (pun definitely not intended).

Next, town to visti Perling followed by Kulai and maybe even Penang or Chiang Mai?

s4dreamer said...

Aiyah, old "peng yu" always disturb me ah...

I'm riding like an Ah Pek now lah... and recovering by being on the road! :)

Yup, next up... I might wanna go to Kulai for food! :)

See how it goes...

Your Old Friend said...

Kulai is a nice and safer (for now) place to visit for food. If you have a GPS I might be able to give you some coordinates to follow.

P.S. You ride like Ah Pek? Cannnot be lah. Maybe Ah Soh more likly.