Thursday, December 31, 2009

A time of reflection for the year 2009

Oh yes, the year is drawing to close in 2 hours time. I'm reflecting on the whole year's happenings and blessings. It has been a good year for me and it's all because...

1. May - I've gone on my Cambodia and Laos Tour for 18 days with my fiance, Zhehong. It was a psychological barrier for me - I didn't take a Class 2 bike up (over 400cc), instead took a Super 4 up. It was only my 4th tour up North and covering such a massive distance. It was indeed a touring milestone for me.

After this, I really wish that I can travel the world in the future!

2. October - I had a double whammer! Firstly, Zhehong proposing to me and we got engaged. This is another milestone in my life. Secondly, I finally graduated with a degree after many sleepless nights.

3. December - I've gotten my Class 2 licence finally! And that finally concluded my conquest for the 3 motorcycle licences and my Class 3 car licence. I've thankful for BBDC and I'll always remember all the instructors who have taught me well as well as incurring my wrath.

2009 has been a year of goal-achieving moments, and I look forward to an even better 2010 ahead. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may all of your wishes, goals and resolutions all come true!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

MotoV's Cameron-Gua Musang-Genting Trip (17th to 20th Dec 2009)

Zhehong aka Pplater and I wanted to go for another MotoV group trip together. Endlessloop aka Lip Sing told Zhehong that he was planning for a MotoV group trip up to Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands. I was happy upon this piece of news and Zhehong signed up for the trip for both of us. Patrick aka Firefly, Jason aka jason_r6 and Shirli aka Miss Huppy also came along for the trip too!

DAY 1 - 17th Dec 2009
We met up at Gelang Patah's Petronas at 7am on 17th Dec 2009, which was a Saturday morning. The weather was dry and cool. It was a really nice ride for the initial leg to Pagoh for breakfast.

After the breakfast, the weather started to be wet and cold-dry and hot-wet and cold AND the cycle goes on and on throughout the next few days of riding. We used the North-South Highway (NSH) for an easy ride up to Cameron Highlands.

We exited at Exit 137 Simpang Pulai and we stopped at this legendary Kong Fook Ngam Temple which was built in 1884.

We were so lucky to get shots of the temple before the heavy downpour began again...

And not forgetting a shot of ourselves...

Next to the Kong Fook Ngam Temple, there is a famous Indian temple called Sri Siva Subramanium Temple. I thought the temple looks quite magnificent with its gold-tinted stupas.

The weather was quite bad for any more pictures. So, I don't have any pictures from here to Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

The traffic condition up to Brinchang was quite bad. It's probably due to the school holidays. As Lip Sing wrote in his post in the MotoV forum: "Jam can stretch as long as 10km". Yup, it was certainly nerve-wrecking going through such traffic.

We stayed at the lovely Country Lodge and rested for the day.

DAY 2 - 18th Dec 2009
The next day, we visited the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Wow! I will get to eat my Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries and Honey!

After we had our fill of strawberries, we proceeded on to the BOH tea plantation and tea centre.

I wanted to visit the BOH tea plantation the last time I went up Cameron Highlands. However, it was all because I went up on a Monday. Do remember that BOH tea plantation and tea centre closes on Mondays!

What a beautiful sight and sipping nicely brewed tea! What a pleasure!

The BOH tea centre and cafe atop the hill...

This is a proof that we were here...

Umm... Let me see what tea leaves I can smuggle back... hyak hyak hyak...

We are ready for our free and easy time after the BOH tea plantation trip! Ok, let us admire our own bikes! :p

Zhehong sitting on Fizzy's side box...
Zhehong and I posing in front of my bike...

DAY 3 - 19th Dec 2009
We packed all our bags, left Cameron Highlands and ready for Genting Highlands. We took the scenic Gua Musang! This is the first time I rode on this stretch. It's truly a sight to behold! However at some stretch, we did encountered some really bad fog which made our visibility severely low.

Thankfully, I still managed to capture some shots of the magnificent Gua Musang. It's a must ride!

I'm so happy...

We're so happy...

But... I think Zhehong is the happiest of all... What a relief! What a view to be relieved! Ahh...

We rode through Route 8 to Genting Highlands.

It was really cold and I was wearing my rain gear throughout the day.

Zhehong and I visited the First World casino to try our luck. I was really a casino noob. Believe it or not... I never ever gambled at the casino before. Zhehong was assisting me in knowing the rules of the "Big-Small" game. We each played RM$50 and lost everything in the end. But, it's all the name of good fun!

We stayed at the Chin Swee Temple as all the accomodations at Genting hotels are fully booked. Even the suites are snapped up.

The downside to staying at Chin Swee temple is... in order to get to the casino and theme park, you either have to ride up/catch a cable/catch a taxi. We were lazy to ride in the rain again, so we settled on cable car which costs only RM$3 per person. However, you've got to remember that the cable car only opens till 7.30pm. After that, you will have to take a taxi to get back to the temple.

Just when I thought I could take a nice hot shower after a long day's ride... To my horror, the hot water only last for spurts of about 1 minute. After that, it's icy-cold water... My goodness... I still had my shower nevertheless.

DAY 4 - 20th Dec 2009
Everyone left Genting Highlands for Singapore. I'm very thankful everyone came back safe and sound. No bike breakdowns, no buang, etc... Thank God for that!

I enjoyed this trip tremendously and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've finally gotten my Class 2!

I've finally gotten my Class 2! I remembered way back in 2006, I sat on my friend's Fazer 1000 and told myself... "I'm not gonna be just a poser on the bike. One day, I'm gonna be able to ride a Class 2 on my own and get the license!"

This is the photo of me in 2006 sitting on my friend's Fazer 1000 dreaming of riding a Class 2 bike someday...

I took my time... completed my license every year dutifully...
2007 - Class 2B
2008 - Class 2A
2009 - Class 2

It wasn't easy for me to get my Class 2 license like the others. I struggled quite a bit with the hydraulic clutch on the CB750. The clutch was harder to depress and it made my left hand very tired. As a result, it affected my timing on the plank as well as the bumpy course.

Nevertheless, after 2 tries at the test, I was so happy that I could finally obtain the Class 2 license! Now, I can dream about owning my next Class 2 bike! I wonder... what bike should I get next? Umm... That's for you to guess!

This whole bike learning experience reminded me that if I set my mind on something, I will achieve it!