Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Melaka and beyond! Cameron too! (8 to 10 Nov 2008)

This is not just a usual touring trip for me. It's a trip for me to complete my unfinished 1st tour and beyond. If you have followed my blog, you would have known that I fell on my way back from Melaka to Singapore along the Pagoh stretch on the NSH. Click here to find out what happened.

8th Nov 2008 (Saturday)
This trip to Melaka was unplanned. It was a last-minute decision. The original plan was only going up to Cameron Highlands and that I would only set off on the 9th of Nov 2008 (Sunday) morning.

But... during the HOV session, Zhehong asked me whether I'm interested to leave Singapore early and travel up to Melaka right after HOV.

That was really spontaneous! I agreed to it and quickly rushed home to pack up my stuff!

Zhehong and I reached GP Petronas at about 7+pm after clearing customs at 2nd Link.

We did night riding up to Melaka and reached there only at about 9+pm. It was quite challenging for me as I never did night riding for such a long stretch before. So, I was quite stressed out. But, it was a good learning experience for me.

9th Nov 2008 (Sunday)
We visited the famous Christ Church Melaka at about 9+am. The church is an icon in Melaka. The church is open on most days but closed to tourists on Sundays. So... those of you who want to visit the church, do take note and don't go there on Sunday!

Melaka can be quite a lazy town if you visit the place early in the morning as you can see...

Off we go to Cameron Highlands after Melaka!

Me on the NSH!
We took the Simpang Pulai route up to Cameron...

It was raining quite heavily on our way up to Cameron Highlands... nevertheless, I still managed to pose! :)

The view of Cameron Highlands up the Simpang Pulai route can be quite breathtaking despite the rain...

With the cooling weather in Cameron Highlands, what better way to enjoy a piping hot steamboat than this? It's so good with the tom yam soup and the chicken soup base and the multitude of ingredients! It was a satisfying dinner!

10th Nov 2008 (Monday)
The wanton mee breakfast was really nice! Yum yum!

After the breakfast, we went to the Big Red Strawberry Farm. And of course, we ate strawberries!
Strawberry sundae!

After the strawberry farm, it's time to head back to S'pore! Since I travelled up Cameron using the Simpang Pulai route, might as well I try the Tapah route down... Gosh, I found it challenging! It's the first time I'm travelling on a mountainous route.

And of course, not forgetting the beautiful waterfall along the Tapah route!

Me and my warrior! :)

Since we are heading back to S'pore... of course, I will pass by that stretch of road along Pagoh on the NSH. And yes, I did slow down and went pass that route safely! It was a defining moment for me because it meant that I have overcome that obstacle in my heart. I managed to travel beyond Melaka!

Best of all, this time... I'm able to complete my tour in one piece! Me and my bike!

I thank God for keeping Zhehong and I safe throughout this trip!

Like I said, I hope to be able to touch the Thai border with this warrior of mine someday!

But nevertheless, this trip marks a milestone in my riding career - completing my unfinished Melaka trip (1st tour) and travelling to a new place in M'sia! And of course, covering a good 1260 km during these 3 days! Yes, I'm looking forward to joining MotoV group trips!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hazard Oriented Vision (HOV) Safety Ride - 8 Nov 2008

Ah! At last, I attended the HOV session. I missed the 2 previous sessions due to work commitments.

The session started at 9am at Ulu Pandan Community Club. Wah, this was actually the first time that HOV is being conducted at a CC. Nice environment though...

It started with Endlessloop answering our queries we have on safety checks and things like proper lane changing, tyres, etc.

All of us listening to the master earnestly...

What was really helpful for me was the part when Endlessloop shared about the art of lane changing on expressways - looking for pockets of space and leaving a safety cocoon for myself. In the past, I felt that I was constantly tailgated on the expressways. But after I adopted Endlessloop's method, I find myself relaxing and enjoying my ride even more!

This is what he drew on the board... Kudos for that!

We can't be just listening to the theory only, right? And you are right! We proceeded to the public roads to put into practice what we have listened during the theoretical session.

The start of the practical session... This is me at the front! :)

And Endlessloop leading the way on the public roads...

Overall, I found the session very helpful and it has certainly made me more aware about my surroundings as I ride on the roads. I hope that the HOV will be organized on a larger scale so that more people can benefit from the session! I hope that I can contribute to this as I gain more riding experience.

All photos courtesy of our Goldwing rider, Victor Tan!