Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's Day has never held any significance in my heart. To me, it was just another day.

This is another milestone I've marked for this year and that is celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time! As I've mentioned, I've never had a boyfriend until June '08.

Zhehong and I had a lovely and romantic evening at Mount Faber and Dempsey Hill! These are some of the shots taken at the two venues...

Thank you dear for making this Valentine's Day a memorable one!

In case you must be wondering how did I get from place to place? MRT? Nope. Bus? Nope. Taxi? Er... nope.

I was still riding on my bike wearing a dress! To all the ladies, this is what you can do if you still want to ride when wearing a dress! Just take off the pants and the shoe... And you are good to go demure with your high-heeled shoes and dress!