Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello Sky - my gallant Super 4!

In case you are wondering who is Sky... It's not the name of my boyfriend... It's not the name of my pet... It's the name of my new Super 4 Spec 3!

Why name it 'Sky'? It's blue and it will be there to give me limitless freedom to go where I want just like the Sky!

As I straddled my gallant prince to his parking lot, I can't help but feel very proud of him. I think I'm in love with him... I mean... the bike...

I've been wanting and desiring to own this bike way before my 2B days. However, I knew that good things are worth waiting for.

I am looking forward to many adventures beyond the shores of Singapore and continue my growth as a biker through the ownership of this bike!

Picture of my beloved Sky... :)

Goodbye my beloved Auntie!

Before I made the last journey with "Auntie" Phantom to the buyer's place, I polished the bike and was stroking its shiny body for one last time.

I never knew that I had such emotional attachment to a bike. "Auntie" was my mentor during my P-plate days. She was with me everywhere I go and was always there with me to learn from my many silly mistakes made. I've grown in maturity as a rider, although there are still many more things to learn.

I started the engine and as "she" purrs for the last time... I can't help but shed a tear.

However, I knew that with the newly acquired 2A license... change is inevitable. Something greater was waiting for me.

I was very glad that I was able to find "Auntie" a owner who is passionate about bikes and would take good care of "her"!

Adieu, my Phantom "Auntie"...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2A... here I come...

I was anxiously waiting for this day to come... counting down the days... finally, 14th May 2008 has arrived!

I went to BBDC on that day to sign up for the 2A course.

As usual, I was slower than the rest of my peers. But fret not, I was not going to let that stumble me!

This time around, the course was less tedious with only 3 stages to complete.


My learning progress was as follows:
Stage 1.01 (Orientation, Plank, Pylon Slalom) - 1 time
Stage 2.01 (Figure 8, Bumpy Course, E-brake, Test Route) - 4 times!! (oh my gosh!)
Stage 3.01 (Evaluation) - 3 times!!

TP - 3 times!!


I didn't hurt myself as much as during my 2B course. But there was one occasion where I hurt myself quite badly. It was during my TP warm-up (2nd attempt). It was kind of scary actually. The front brake was kind of failing and my speed was a tad too fast, therefore I bwanged during E-brake!

My knees were bruised and my left hip had a bad abrasion.

Despite that injury, I went ahead with the test thinking that I might have a chance in passing it. Ah... fat chance... I didn't. I was so disappointed. Physically hurt and emotionally hurt.

Nevertheless, I didn't budge in to my sorrows. I pressed on and eventually passed my 2A TP test on 8 July 2008 at my 3rd attempt!

Finally, my dream is getting closer! The bike that I have been dreaming about even way before I registered for 2B is now within reach! It is the Super 4 Spec III!

s4^dreamer's dream has finally come true!