Monday, November 9, 2009

October's Double Happiness!

The month of October was really another milestone in my life, other than the Laos & Cambodia Tour done in May 2009!

The Engagement on 24th October 2009
It was a typical Saturday evening. I didn't suspect that there was anything unusual or special about that evening. We had dinner, watched a movie at the cinema and then proceeded to East Coast Park for tea and a stroll.

When we were at East Coast Park, Zhehong suggested that we went to one of those big rocks to sit and be closer to the sea. After much sand getting into my feet, we sat there.

We were having a good conversation. After some time, he suddenly got up, kneel down, took out the solitaire engagement ring and proposed. I was pretty taken aback not because I didn't know that he would propose, I just didn't know when.

Here's a picture of my ring and the beautiful roses:

The Second Milestone: My University Graduation
Hahaha! Now it's my turn to graduate!

I embarked on this Mass Communication degree when I was still working as a full-time Audio/Video Engineer. After many sleepless nights, hair-pulling and teeth gritting, I finally graduated with my Bachelor of Mass Communication!

Wow! What a blast for the month of October!

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