Monday, July 6, 2009

Zhehong has finally graduated today!

I was invited for Zhehong's graduation ceremony aka commencement. To be honest, I feel very honoured to be able to witness his graduation.

It was just this morning that I attended his graduation. I started the morning travelling towards NUS and it was drizzling a little. Thank God that it wasn't pouring!

Oh gosh! When I reached the University Cultural Centre, the queue was really really long! I had to queue up a good 20 minutes before I could enter into the hall due to some H1N1 temperature checking. I cleared it and good to go!

This is Zhehong on the stage receiving his degree cert from President S.R. Nathan...

And after he received his cert, we texted each other and swiftly left the hall before the crowd started to build up. We went out to take some pics as a rememberance of his graduation.

These are the pics...

I'm just glad that he's done with his education and moving on towards starting his career!

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