Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a good pair of boots! It's FOC!

I've been using the HiTec hiking boots for about 2 years now. On the shoe, it has a label that says "Waterproof". Oh boy, it is not what it seems. It's just water resistant, not waterproof.

I have another pair of Komine Moto Fango riding shoes that doesn't hold up in Singapore's torrential rains. And, it certainly can't hold up those weather conditions when riding on the NSH.

Therefore, I was determined to start searching for a pair of riding boots that fulfill these criterias of being waterproof and at the same time, sleek when I'm wearing them. And most importantly, it must be cheap!

Does this pair of boots look familiar to you? I'm sure I can hear the guys moaning and groaning... (Argh... it reminds me of my horrible NS days, blah... blah... blah)...

And yes, it's a pair of SAF Full Leather boots.

Zhehong was saying... "Are you sure you want to wear SAF boots? Your feet will look very bulky and I don't know of other ladies wearing them."

I answered and said, "Umm... I'll give a shot at the E-mart and see how it goes. If it looks really ugly on me, I won't take it. Okies? (in my mind... I might just break the norm in ladies by being of the first ladies who wears SAF boots while riding...)"

In the end, I purchased the boots with Zhehong's great help in using his points!

I've tried out the pair of boots in very heavy rain and that was on 9 March 2009 (Monday). I was riding around Singapore conducting my news interviews and running several other places.

And my feet was kept happy and dry throughout the day! I never had that dry feeling before on rainy days until the conversion to SAF boots.

And best of all, I had a few of my female colleagues asking me what boots are those. They look good on me!

Stay tuned... to view pics of me wearing the boots on my future tours!

Disclaimer: SAF didn't pay me any advertisement fees...


Lossi friend said...

neh neh... SAF boots also got other ladies say look nice on u. But ok lah.. really not bad.

s4dreamer said...

Thank u hor, lossi a peng yu!

huairen said...

this one just the normal SAF boots right?
not the SAF Gortex boot.
coz i see from the pix dont have the gortex material.

s4dreamer said...

Yep, it's the normal SAF boots. I also saw the newer Gortex boots around in the E-mart.

But I figured that this looks more sturdy...

I hope it can last though... :p At least, it's good enough for my usage :)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. it's good. i'm using it too :p

Marcus said...

SAF boots is good and can last, but please be careful with the shoe laces.
U wont want it to be entangle with the clutch lever or brake lever while riding.