Thursday, March 26, 2009

Singapore Motorcycling Safety Video - Ah! It's about time!

I've never quite seen any motorcycling videos done locally. This is just a chance for me to put my multimedia and audio engineering skills to good use... And to continue to spread the word to Singaporeans to wear safety gears and of course, advocate safety riding as well!

Of course, this video wouldn't have been possible without Zhehong, Lip Sing, The Beast and Miss Huppy!

Enjoy the video! Cheers! And don't forget to visit!!


Chris said...

Whoa!! This is the best damn video i ever seen!! Can i join u all to do something like this next time... but i focus on 2B bikes... cos now i riding as many 2Bs as possible to find out the pros and cons of small bikes... And also because i waiting for 2A... heee heee heee

P.S. The beast really fierce la, the GS take up one whole freaking lane.... hahah. Pay road tax must use the road, and the whole lane for that matter!!

Chris said...

I've got a few ideas... we can shoot it documentary style. Or writeup about it magazine style!!