Friday, August 1, 2008

1st Petrol Run to JB - My 1st overseas milestone

I know this isn't anything great. It's only a petrol run. But, it's my personal milestone in my riding journey.

During my P-plate and 'Auntie' Phantom days, I didn't go up to Malaysia at all. Or should I say... I didn't dare to...It's only after owning Sky that I started to have the desire to clock up the mileage and go up to Malaysia... even if it's only a petrol run.

I chose 2nd Link to pump petrol as I wanted to have a chance to 'whack' Sky for a longer distance. I wanted to experience what is it like to pump petrol over there... Next time, I'll try 1st Link...

Wow! I managed to open VTEC most of the time and hit a speed of 120-130 km/h! It's an exhilarating experience!! Woo hoo!

Of course, the petrol run wasn't just a petrol run. I stopped at JB City Square for a while just to explore what's around... Well, it was nothing much... It's just like any other regular shopping centres that you see in Singapore. Nevertheless, the experience that I get from riding over at Malaysia is something I can never get in Singapore.

Gosh! I think this is just the start of the 'itching' season for touring...

See my happy face.... and you know... :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations are in order for you!

Did you notice that the air smells different once you’ve crossed the customs? And somehow travelling with family (or church) in a tour bus is like chalk and cheese, ya?

I think that riding the open road is what makes biking truly an experience that nothing comes close. Viva Freedom (of traffic jams)!

Your Old Friend

P.S. Biker chicks riding litre class sports bikes are bad for health! They make some grow weak in the knees and others get bruised ear lops.

Anonymous said...

My advice to you is when you go up North, try to stay clear of JB town itself. Alot of sg bikes has been lost there and city square is one of the hot spot.

Another thing is that when riding on the trunk road(not highway)ride wihtin you limit, dont try to catch up with the front rider if you think you are riding outside of your comfort zone. Take your time.

Riding on this road will take some practice to get use to it and this will come with more riding trip.

As you become more experience your speed will increase. Take your time as you are still new to riding along winding road.

One last word,take care and fast recovery from your incident at Pagoh.

lao uncle