Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2A... here I come...

I was anxiously waiting for this day to come... counting down the days... finally, 14th May 2008 has arrived!

I went to BBDC on that day to sign up for the 2A course.

As usual, I was slower than the rest of my peers. But fret not, I was not going to let that stumble me!

This time around, the course was less tedious with only 3 stages to complete.


My learning progress was as follows:
Stage 1.01 (Orientation, Plank, Pylon Slalom) - 1 time
Stage 2.01 (Figure 8, Bumpy Course, E-brake, Test Route) - 4 times!! (oh my gosh!)
Stage 3.01 (Evaluation) - 3 times!!

TP - 3 times!!


I didn't hurt myself as much as during my 2B course. But there was one occasion where I hurt myself quite badly. It was during my TP warm-up (2nd attempt). It was kind of scary actually. The front brake was kind of failing and my speed was a tad too fast, therefore I bwanged during E-brake!

My knees were bruised and my left hip had a bad abrasion.

Despite that injury, I went ahead with the test thinking that I might have a chance in passing it. Ah... fat chance... I didn't. I was so disappointed. Physically hurt and emotionally hurt.

Nevertheless, I didn't budge in to my sorrows. I pressed on and eventually passed my 2A TP test on 8 July 2008 at my 3rd attempt!

Finally, my dream is getting closer! The bike that I have been dreaming about even way before I registered for 2B is now within reach! It is the Super 4 Spec III!

s4^dreamer's dream has finally come true!

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